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Świeradów Zdrój - what will charm you with this place?

Świeradów Zdrój, picturesquely located in the heart of the Jizera Mountains, is a place that delights with its beautiful surroundings, rich history, spa traditions dating back hundreds of years and a wide range of outdoor activities. In a moment, we will take you on a journey around Świeradów Zdrój, discovering its greatest treasures that attract both sports, recreation and tourism lovers, as well as those looking for peace, health and respite from the city noise and fast pace of life. Check out what charms this place and why it is worth visiting!

Jizera Mountains

Let's start from the heart of the region where Świeradów Zdrój is located, i.e. the Jizera Mountains, which are a real paradise for lovers of nature and active recreation. The Jizera Mountains, part of the Western Sudetes, offer spectacular views and various tourist routes. They are ideal for enthusiasts of mountain hiking, skiing and mountain biking, providing wonderful landscapes and well-developed tourist infrastructure. Diverse hiking and cycling trails are adapted to different skill levels, which means that everyone will find something for themselves. There will be more about tourist attractions related to the Jizera Mountains later in the article. But let's first check out what the city itself has to offer us!

Świeradów Zdrój – rich spa tradition

Świeradów Zdrój is a town with over 400 years of spa tradition and a rich history. The health resorts in Świeradów Zdrój are famous for their healing mineral waters and mud. Already in the 16th century, springs with acidic mineral waters were mentioned, and in the 18th century, analyzes were carried out indicating the effectiveness of Świeradów spring waters in the treatment of many diseases. This resulted in the first health resorts that offered drinking therapies, as well as baths in spring waters and decoctions of spruce bark and mud.

In Świeradów-Zdrój there are also unique sources of radon mineral waters; together with other mineral waters, they are used in the treatment of rheumatic and orthopedic diseases - including rehabilitation, as well as in the treatment of gynecological and circulatory system ailments. The healing effects are enhanced by mud treatments, known for their anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties.

Monuments and attractions in Świeradów-Zdrój

The city is full of historic villas and guesthouses from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, which are testimony to the resort's past splendor. It is also worth visiting the historic church of St. Józefa, Leopold's bathrooms, Szarotka sanatorium from 1900, villa complex at ul. Asnyka from 1905 or Spa Park with preserved original vegetation.

Promenade and walking hall

One of the city's interesting attractions is the walking promenade, which offers not only beautiful views, but also plenty of cafes and shops. Another interesting place is the urban spa complex from the 19th century, which consists of a phenomenal 80 m long larch walking hall, filled with beautiful plants and connected to the water pump room in the Spa House. The walking hall in Świeradów has a unique atmosphere and is one of the longest in Lower Silesia, making it an ideal place for walks in all weather conditions.

Artificial cave and pump room in the Spa House

The Spa House in Świeradów, which can be reached via a walking hall, houses an artificial cave and a mineral water pump room. The current Spa House stands on the site of the Spring House built in the 18th century, which burned down in 1895. Its characteristic feature is a 45-meter-high clock tower and beautiful decorations.

Spa Park

Another place that allows you to take advantage of the beautiful surroundings is Park Zdrojowy, located directly in the city. It is an oasis of peace and relaxation, full of health paths, phenomenal vegetation, places to relax and quiet corners. It is the perfect place for a quiet walk or a moment of reflection in the bosom of nature.

Gondola lift – attraction in winter and summer!

The next tourist attraction that allows you to enjoy the wonderful mountain landscapes of Świeradów is the gondola lift leading to Stóg Izerski. The cable car ride provides breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and emerald forests, and the summit provides excellent conditions for winter sports and hiking.

Nature and active recreation – tourist routes

The Jizera Mountains are a perfect combination of beautiful spruce forests, mountains, rivers (Jizera and Kwisa), spring streams and roaring waterfalls (including Wodospad Poidło, Wodospad Kwisa). It is a place with wonderful landscape values, providing an ideal form of recreation, relaxation, tranquility and the opportunity to commune with nature in its most beautiful form.

Świeradów Zdrój offers many tourist routes, both walking and cycling, which lead through the picturesque areas of the Jizera Mountains. They are perfect for lovers of activity and nature. It is also worth noting that Świeradów Zdrój is located near another popular tourist resort, Szklarska Poręba, so it is a great base for exploring other regions of the Western Sudetes.

Jizera Mountains – viewpoints

Viewpoints in Świeradów Zdrój are a guarantee of breathtaking scenery showing a beautiful panorama of the mountains. These are ideal places to rest and admire landscapes that will remain in your memory for a long time. The most spectacular ones that you must visit include three observation towers:

  • SKY WALK Tower - the tower, which is one of the greatest attractions of Świeradów Zdrój, is an impressive structure that allows you to admire the panorama of the Jizera Mountains from a completely new perspective. This is a unique place for anyone who wants to feel the thrill and see the mountains almost from a bird's eye view. The tower is approximately 60 meters high, and an 850-meter-long wooden path leads to its top. An additional attraction is the glass viewing platform and the fact that you can go down the tower on a 105-meter long slide.

  • Observation tower on Młynica - a unique observation tower located on Młynica (653 m above sea level). Its characteristic element is the grated stairs. The height of the tower is less than 34 meters, it is equipped with two viewing stations - at a height of 15.5 meters and at a height of 23.7 meters.

  • Observation tower on Czerniawska Kopa - an atmospheric wooden observation tower with a height of 15 meters located on the top of Czerniawska Kopa (776 m above sea level). It guarantees wonderful views in a beautiful forest setting. It is also equipped with two viewing positions.

Jizera Dark Sky Park

Enthusiasts of astronomy, stars and astrophotography will certainly be delighted with the opportunity to observe and immortalize them without artificial light pollution, because the Jizera Mountains are one of the few regions in Poland where special dark sky parks have been created. The Jizera Dark Sky Park is a unique place where you can admire the stars and galaxies in their full, majestic glory, without the disruption of city light.

As you can see, Świeradów Zdrój is a unique place that captivates not only with its spa heritage and the beauty of nature, but also with its extensive tourist infrastructure and many attractions that are interesting both for sports and recreation enthusiasts, as well as for history and nature enthusiasts. It is a perfect place for a holiday trip with family or friends, as well as to experience peace in your own company when you are looking for peace, relaxation and regeneration.


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