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Kwisa Waterfall – where is it and how to get to it?

Trailing the valley running through the Jizera Foothills and woven into the vibrant urban landscape of Świeradów Zdrój, the Kwisa River is an inseparable element of the Jizera landscape. And this is where one of the most impressive waterfalls in Lower Silesia is located. This is a place that is really worth visiting. It is popular both in summer and winter. In the latter case, you may come across winter bathing enthusiasts in the area. How to get to the waterfall on Kwisa?

The Kwisa River in the Jizera Mountains – the most important information

The Kwisa River flows in a fast current, creating the Kwisa Valley between two ridges of the Jizera Mountains - the Kamienicki Ridge in the north-east and the Wysoki Grzbiet in the south-west. It flows from the western slopes of Jizera Garby, its source is located at an altitude of 1,020 m above sea level.

Kwisa is the axis around which Świeradów Zdrój and nearby towns are located, such as Mirsk, Gryfów Śląski, Leśna, Lubań and Nowogrodziec. On its way - between Gryfów Śląski and Leśna - two dams were built, thanks to which Kwisa creates two picturesque lakes - Lake Złotnickie and Lake Leśniańskie. The Kwisa is a left tributary of the Bóbr River. It is 126.8 kilometers long.

The waterfall on Kwisa is an artificially created cascade, the height of which is estimated at about 4 meters. The Kwisa riverbed is quite wide in this place, which creates a unique atmosphere. This is the largest cascade on the Kwisa, which reduces the large decline of the river in this section. Its creation allowed the rapidity of the current to slow down.

Waterfall on Kwisa – peace, nature and relaxation

The Jizera Mountains have their own unique atmosphere, ideal for recreation and relaxation in the bosom of nature. The Kwisa Waterfall is one of the most beautiful places where you can take a deeper breath and indulge in the pleasure of being in an extremely soothing natural environment. Even though the Kwisa cascade is quite a well-known point on the tourist map of Świeradów Zdrój, the route to the waterfall itself is not precisely marked. This gives the impression of moving through a wild area, which will appeal to lovers of natural landscapes. The dense vegetation and surrounding atmosphere give a sense of intimacy, which may be surprising considering that it is quite a popular place.

Cascade on the Kwisa River – a great attraction in summer and winter

In summer, the beauty of the waterfall on Kwisa is highlighted by the emerald green of the surrounding grass and the sunlight shining through quite strongly, which, combined with the majestic forest, makes a spectacular impression. It is not without reason that the Kwisa Waterfall is very eagerly photographed.

It is equally beautiful in winter, which is noticed and appreciated not only by hiking enthusiasts, but also by winter bathers. The Kwisa Waterfall is a popular place for swimming. Once we overcome the steep descent to the waterfall itself, entering and exiting the river near the waterfall is very easy. The water is crystal clear and transparent.

Kwisa Waterfall – a point on the Trail of the Jizera Mysteries

The Jizera Mysteries Trail is a great form of active fun that makes visiting the Jizera Mountains even more interesting. This is a trail covering 22 attractions in Świeradów Zdrój, in which special boulders with large bas-reliefs imitating pictograms were placed. The game involves tracing each pictogram discovered at a specific attraction on a piece of paper. Just place it on the pictogram and use a crayon to trace the pattern on it.

After collecting at least 15 decals, you can report to the Municipal Center for Culture and Commune Promotion "Stacja Kultury" and receive a souvenir Explorer's Certificate. The Kwisa Waterfall is also on the route, so it is worth paying attention to the boulder next to it and taking part in the fun. Not far from the Kwisa waterfall there is another boulder - on Sępia Góra, which is a great viewing spot.

Waterfall on Kwisa – how to get to it

Reaching the Kwisa Waterfall is quite simple. The river runs along the main road (ul. Nadbrzeżna) leading from Świeradów Zdrój to Szklarska Poręba. The entrance to the trail leading to the Kwisa Waterfall is located just behind the last buildings. The landmark is the sawmill of the Świeradów Wood Industry Plant. Moving towards Szklarska Poręba, just take the second exit towards the forest, approximately at the level of the sawmill - turning left. There is a forest parking lot, from which it is only about 200 meters to the cascade. The descent to the waterfall itself is a bit steep and demanding, but the spectacular views at the bottom are worth it.

You can go to the Kwisa Waterfall on foot from the Spa House, covering a distance of about 5 kilometers. The Kamieniecki Ridge, which stretches over the Kwisa River, also offers a number of interesting viewpoints and mysterious corners. Although there are few marked tourist trails, there are many attractive places there, such as Kozia Szyja, Kamienne Wały, peaks - Kamienica, Jastrzębiec, Czepiec, Niedźwiednik and Sępia Góra (they are located on the blue trail to Świeradów Zdrój) and Polana Witches on Babia Przełęcz.


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