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Izera Park offers the convenience of owning your own flat in the mountains or profit from renting. Second home properties can be profitable all year round with all the key advantages - accessibility for owners and security of investment. The Izera Park flat will be your private, always-available enclave, and when you are not enjoying your holiday it will become a reliable source of income. And you won't have to worry about the details - entrusting the full rental service to professional operators.


We would like to introduce you to Royal Aparts, who, as the dedicated operator of our development, will provide a professional and comprehensive service for your flats and the entire development.

Take a look at the operator's materials (download).


Professionalism and quality

With many years of experience in the Iser-Karkonosze market and extensive structures, including its own cleaning service, technical service, guest caretakers, receptionists and many others, Royal Aparts will meet your expectations in every respect related to short-term rentals.

Royal Aparts will take care of the comprehensive rental service in the reception area in Building 1, which has been specially prepared for their needs, and thanks to the technical rooms, will also handle the spa area, ongoing repairs and the rest of the common areas for you, along with the finer details.

Recepcja hotelowa
pokój hotelowy

Peace and control

With full control and the presence of trained staff dedicated specifically to your property, the level of management of the property and the flats will be supervised 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so that you can enjoy your investment in peace.

Trust and reputation built on results

By working with Royal Aparts, you are choosing a reliable business partner who, with its many years of experience, modern marketing and professional staff, will ensure that the potential of your investment is realised 100%.

Let's achieve success together!

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